In Memoriam James Devenport

Jim Devenport

May 06, 1954 - December 08, 2016

James (Jim) Devenport was my high school theater teacher. He was a man of unparalleled with and kindness. I don't quite remember what made me decide to show up and audition for the One Act play my freshman year of high school, but Mr. Devenport welcomed me with open arms. He had just returned from a semester off due to his ailing health, but he was still, as he loved to put it "full of piss and vinegar" and "not dead yet!". He was a quiet man who made real subtle jokes about everything. More often than not you wouldn't realize he had gotten you until minutes later and would find him dying of laughter when you finally realized what he said. I performed in four of his One Act plays and loved every minute of it. He loved our inside jokes and all the nicknames we bestowed upon him. I owe a lot of my personal and professional success to the lessons that I learned from him. He was a true educator through and through. After his passing we found out he didn't want a service, but rather he wanted people to go and support their local One Act plays. This final act exemplified who Jim Devenport was and the types of lessons he tried to impart on his students.

We performed this adaptation of Macbeth my Junior year of high school, with me playing the role of Duncan and a chorus member. He was very proud of this adaptation and how we performed it.

Rest in Peace DMoney, we all miss you Jim Devenport